Derby Reach/Brae Island Parks Association is a group of individuals who love the parks. We come from all walks of life and have different interests within the parks, but we all share a desire to ensure these green spaces endure for generations to come.

The association promotes education, conservation, and recreation that is compatible with conservation. Volunteers promote fun events, such as the annual Heritage Apple Day, where the community can learn about agricultural heritage and the historic centenarian orchards.

Join us for other fun activities–you can sign up for a nature walk, or help promote lovely green mossy trails in the parks for the differing needs of various users: walkers, cyclists, runners, disabled users, horse riders, and dog walkers.

DRBIPA is working hard to provide the public with educational and volunteer opportunities. The organization works closely with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks to promote and protect the finest regional park system on our continent.

You can help plant new shrubs to stop erosion on Brae Island, or pull out ivy that is climbing trees and smothering native plants on the forest floor. Through Pacific Parklands FoundationDRBIPA accepts donations and issue tax receipts. 

Contact DRBIPA to become a member or inquire about volunteer activities. Or, simply Email us!

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