5 Reasons to Get Outside this Winter

Written by Roxci Bevis, DRBIPA Program Coordinator – January 25, 2020

There are some fantastic reasons to get into nature and enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s oh so cold outside.

If you prepare for the weather conditions it can be easy to appreciate these important benefits:

Fresh Air
Fresh air is crucial for our well-being even when we want to be bundled up indoors all day to avoid the snow, slush, and freezing rain.

Learn Lots
Seeing how our environment changes throughout the seasons can be inspiring and informative.

Boosts Metabolism
When it is cold our bodies work harder to stay warm and we burn more energy.

Cheer Up
Feeling the warmth of daylight, especially on shorter winter days makes most of us perk up instantly.

Energize Yourself
Getting our heart rate up for a few minutes while being out in the cold can give us a burst of energy.

Being out in nature is a wonderful way to relax and unwind no matter what the season. We hope to see you out and about on the trails on Brae Island and Derby Reach this winter! You can find trail warnings and alerts for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks HERE.