5 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

Written by Roxci Bevis, DRBIPA Program Coordinator – June 22, 2020

Birds chirping, a flowing stream trickling in the distance, the wind whistling through a thick canopy of trees. We know the outdoors relaxes us. We know the forest soothes us. The fresh air and the sounds of natural wildlife habitat can help us slow down and enjoy life through the busiest of times.

Though it can be hard to get out on the trails and into the forest regularly to reap the benefits of being surrounded by nature – we can still use our senses at home to help feel the relaxing effects of nature and all its beauty. Here are our top 5 ways to bring the outdoors in.

#1. Feel

Surround yourself with a variety of indoor plants. Aim for air-purifying plants LIKE peace lily, snake plant, and gerbera daisies to feel the benefits of fresh clean air in the home. Watering house plants helps us feel more connected to our environment and can provide a quick nature-themed break during a busy day.

#2. Smell

Fill your space with your favourite outdoor scents. A smell can be a powerful reminder, it is an easy way to feel nature around us and bring home those relaxing vibes. Try a diffuser, potpourri, or some fresh cut flowers. Let your mind wander to the forest for comfort with the scent of cedar and pine or berries and wildflowers.

#3. See

Art! Think about displaying your favourite nature scenes on your walls by using paintings or blown-up photos. There are many local artists to choose from or use your own photos! Highlighting an accent wall is another great way to incorporate relaxing visuals into your space with a nature-themed mural or natural material.

#4. Listen

Play nature music or sounds while getting work done at home, it can make a difference. Add an indoor water feature, big or small, for an instant feeling of being surrounded by the sounds of nature. Wind chimes outside a window also remind us that nature is always out there waiting for us.

#5. Taste

Use earthy ingredients like mushrooms when cooking at home for a sense of the forest in each bite. Even better, cook with foraged edible plants like fiddleheads and salmonberries to feel one with nature and all it offers. Shopping in the local section at the store or at the farmers market can also help introduce some new locally sourced foods into our diets.

These are just a few of the ways to bring small doses of nature indoors to positively influence mood and health. If you’re feeling stuck at home because of the pandemic or can’t get outside often enough to enjoy our natural green spaces there is still a lot that can be done to bring our natural world in.