Accessible Fishing Ramp

The Building of an Accessible Fishing Ramp

In 2014, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks East Area and Derby Reach Brae/Island Parks Association undertook the building of an Accessible Fishing Ramp to allow wheelchair bound anglers access to the water’s edge on the Fraser River.  This ramp had to be designed to contend with water levels that fluctuate with the tide, the season and the attendant river currents.  In addition, it had to allow for the release of fish back into the Fraser River unharmed from the confines of a scooter or wheelchair — a tall order!  With the enthusiastic help of local businesses and in consultation with a wheelchair athlete and keen fisherman, as well as local angling clubs, the ramp has proved to be a boon to all park visitors, especially those with mobility challenges, fisher folk or not.  It is believed to be the first of its kind in North America.