Paddle Event

The 5th Annual Bedford Channel Paddle Event will take place July 13, 2019, 10am-12pm on Brae Island.


Bedford Channel Paddle Event 2018 was held July 14 at Brae Island 9:30 to noon

Bedford Channel Paddle Event 2017 was held July 15 at Brae Island 10:00 to noon


 Bedford Channel Paddle Report July 2016

We arrived at 9:15 AM to set up, and found that some people were already there, waiting to paddle. We quickly set up and had people in the voyageur canoe before 10 AM. Several people said that they liked the early start time–we started at 1 PM in 2015–because it allowed them to attend other Parks Day events in the afternoon. We also had several people who returned because they enjoyed their experience last year.

Due to low interest in the voyageur canoe trips in 2015, we only requested one canoe this year. Well, this year, most people were there to paddle the 10 person canoe, so we had a big line up. At around 11 AM, Cheryl spotted another canoe that was just landing back at the canoe club, and she persuaded them to come over and help. The last canoe returned at 12:40–well past our intended end time. We will know for next year to request 2 canoes.

We again had only 3 double kayaks, but we realized that an adult could safely take out a small child in a sit-on-top single, so the wait times were not too bad. I think I will bring my inflatable double for next year, so we have a 4th double. Due to the big turnout–we had 32 adults and 46 kids–my wife, Brenda, began writing down names, so as to keep people in order, esp. when waiting for a canoe trip or a double kayak.



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